The reopening of Hastings Pier is the result of years of substantial campaigning, fundraising and construction work. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has contributed to the project, without whom the Pier would not be standing today.

Hastings Pier Charity would like to thank all of the funders who made the Pier’s rebuild possible. Special thanks is owed to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) which contributed the majority of the £14.2m needed to rebuild the Pier. The HLF has also been instrumental in HPC’s extensive education project for schools, families and the community, as well as the heritage-based interpretation found on the Pier and the Digital Memory.

Hastings Pier Charity is also grateful to its 3,000+ shareholders, who collectively contributed close to £600,000 towards the construction of the Pier and continue to play a prominent role in the project.

Please see our Hastings Pier Charity page for further information.