How has the funding been spent?

Hastings Pier renovation costs : total spend at circa £15m

The Heritage Lottery Fund contributed a grant of £11.4m, other funding sources granted £2.5m and a community share issue raised £600,000.

Major cost centres :

Demolition, storm damage impact and disposal : all decking, balustrades, damaged ironwork, old ballroom and all buildings except the remaining Pavilion, including the crane barge required to cut out the old ballroom. £1.5m

New, structural, raw materials, storm repairs : a complete new deck made from West African Ekki hard wood taken from renewable sources; 70% of the sub-structure / ironwork of the pier had to be replaced (against an original, pre-works, estimate of 50%); new balustrades where necessary, new utilities down the length of the pier (laid to the leeward side of the pier). £9.0m

New buildings :  rebuild of the one, remaining, original building on the pier – now the Pavilion restaurant plus the building of the Visitor Centre and roof terrace. £2.5m

Activity costs : Staff/Specialists/Labour £600k; Heritage Interpretation £600k; Insurances £600k; other £200k. £2.0m

Total : £15,000,000

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