Pier Plaques

Update: Our Parade Extension plaques have moved from the decking to the balustrade. Read more here.

Celebrate a Memory on the Pier

We hope you’re enjoying all the facilities - and many of the events - on the new pier and also simply enjoying the space, light and open skies of a leisurely promenade out across the deck. The views out to sea and along the shoreline are stunning!

And if you’d like a more solid memento of the new Hastings Pier then consider a Pier Plaque on the pier – celebrate a birth or a birthday, a marriage, a proposal, a special anniversary or any anniversary, give it as a gift or a thank you, in remembrance or in love – we simply ask that the wording be acceptable to all.

Example of Pier plaque

There are two sizes of Pier plaque available (image not to scale).

Plaque size 1:
125mm by 78mm, in stainless steel.
No more than 72 letters and spaces and split over a maximum of three lines.
Placed on the decking of the Parade Extension (see diagram for placement).
£150 inc VAT.
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Plaque size 2:
220mm by 78mm, in stainless steel.
No more than 205 letters and spaces over a maximum of five lines.
Option 1: Placed on the wooden balustrade in the central deck area of the Pier (see diagram).
£200 inc VAT.
Option 2: Placed on the wooden balustrade on the Pier head (see diagram).
£250 inc VAT.
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Placement of plaques

If there is a particular place on the Pier that you would like your Memory, please let us know; this isn’t always possible but we will try our best to meet your request.

Order process

  • When you complete and submit your order*, this will come through to the Hastings Pier Charity team (you will also receive a confirmation email).
  • Orders are sent to the engravers in batches. Once one batch of orders is completed by the engravers, they will send the finished plaques back to us ready for our Pier Engineer to install on the pier.
  • Once your plaque has been installed, you will receive a confirmation email from us to let you know that your plaque is in place.
  • We then send the next batch of orders to the engravers, and the process begins again.


*N.B. The order form doesn't currently have the functionality to include specific formatting (the text will be submitted as one line). The engravers we work with are very skilled at laying out the text to make the plaques look as neat and easy to read as possible. However, if you have specific formatting in mind, please let us know in the 'Notes' section (during the checkout process).

Once your order has been placed we hope to install your plaque within 6 weeks, although as we wait for a minimum number of orders before sending batches to the engravers there may be a longer wait. Thank you for your patience.

When you submit the wording for your plaque please know that we cannot be responsible for any errors, whatever is on the plaque will be what is engraved on the finished plate. We are unfortunately not able to accept advertising messages. We reserve the right to refuse a plaque request if we consider the content to be inappropriate.

Plaques are installed in perpetuity.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at plaques@hpcharity.co.uk, or give us a call on 01424 445566.

All funds raised from this scheme will go to Hastings Pier Charity, and will help us maintain the pier for future generations to enjoy. Thank you.