Primary School Workshops

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To Book a Workshop
The following workshops are available to book:

Workshop Duration Age Cost
Pier Play 1 hr YR- 2 £45
Introduction to Pier History 1 hr Y1-2 £45
Introduction to the Victorian Pier 1 hr Y1-2 £45
What’s a Pier made from? Construction Challenge 1 hr Y1-6 £45
Materials and the Marine Environment:
Take part in practical activities to sort and explore materials found in the environment around the pier and make a sand ‘fossil’.
1 hr Y1-6 £45
Materials: Fit for Purpose 1 hr Y1-2 £45
History Detectives 1 or 2 hr Y3 - 6 £45 or £75
Introduction to Pier History and Construction: Pasta Pier 1 hr Y3 - 6 £75
Victorian Pier 1 or 2 hr Y3 - 6 £45 or £75
Build a Pier: Chocolate and Pasta construction  2 hr Y3 - 6 £90

If you wish to book outside these dates please contact the Hastings Pier Learning team at

While we have Heritage Lottery funding we will be able to continue offering some free workshops. These will be specific workshops on specific dates. We will publicise these free workshop opportunities on our website and through the Hastings Pier Charity Learning Network newsletter.  If you wish to become a member of the Learning Network and receive the newsletter, please email the Hastings Pier Charity Learning and Education Manager

The workshops will be offered on a first come first served basis.