Bring your students to Hastings Pier and be inspired by its history, construction, the physical space and the surrounding marine environment. The Hastings Pier Charity Learning team can provide a wide range of cross curricula and experiential learning opportunities for students of all ages.

We offer a series of workshops supporting the National Curriculum. The workshops are led by the Hastings Pier Charity Learning team or experienced freelance educators. Workshops can be adapted to suit different levels – please discuss this with us.

Teachers said:
Kinesthetic, visual, engaging. Children loved visiting the Pier and making their own Pier. Timeline and suitcases activity was fantastic. Loved every bit of the experience. Timing was spot on too.

Super workshop… We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would recommend to other schools.

Lots of accessible hands on activities but with a good level of challenge. Fast paced – really worked well for my class. It was fantastic – learning about construction in a fun way. So many curricular links with maths, science and DT.

Primary School Workshops
Secondary School and Post 16 students
Independent Visits
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Children said:
I really enjoyed today and I hope we come back soon.

I loved making the Pier because it was fun working together.

The lesson was very fascinating and has made me interested in photography. It taught me something new. Inspired me and added to my experience.