Statement from Hastings Pier Charity - 6th October 2017

Thank you to all the people who have contacted us this week with messages of support and donations to Hastings Pier Charity. As we have always said Hastings Pier Charity cannot survive without your support.

We also want to reassure everyone that Hastings Pier is not for sale, and we are not in talks with any other Pier owners to dispose of our Pier. As we have previously stated we are simply talking to our main stakeholders about new financing and a new plan to go forward, because the existing plan is not working the way we hoped.

Regrettably a small group calling themselves the Sussex Strategic Business Board have been calling meetings misrepresenting themselves as part of the future of the Pier and issuing press releases to the media regarding inviting other Pier owners to take over.

This group has nothing to do with the future of Hastings Pier and has created confusion and been deeply upsetting for our staff and shareholders.

Please keep up to date with exactly what we are doing by reading our letters to shareholders and announcements on our website.

We look forward to bringing you news soon.
Hastings Pier Charity Board

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